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Speedometer Interface Module

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The PPE Speedometer Interface Module is designed to recalibrate a speedometer signal or correct sinewave (AC)/squarewave(‘oc’) signal incompatibilities.

Here are some typical applications:
1. Recalibrate a high speed (64,000ppm – 250,000ppm) signal for an OEM speedometer. Do not use this unit to adjust a signal going to an anti-lock braking system.
2. Recalibrate a low speed (8000ppm – 4000ppm) signal for an OEM or aftermarket speedometer or fuel injection computer.
3. Convert a high-speed signal found on newer GM transmissions down to a low speed signal to run a speedometer, cruise control, or fuel injection computer.
4. Convert an 8000ppm signal from an aftermarket signal generator to a 4000ppm or 2000ppm to run an OEM cruise control or fuel injection computer.
5. Convert a 16000ppm signal from a VDO Hall Effect signal generator to an 8000ppm, 4000ppm, or 2000ppm to run a cruise control or fuel injection computer.
6. Convert a 4000ppm signal from an OEM transmission speed sensor or ECM output to an 8000ppm signal for an aftermarket speedometer.

Applications: 2001-2016 6.6L GM Duramax

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