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Sick Builds, Fun Stories, Product Reviews and More

08/ November

The Ultimate Builder's Guide

Explore the digital booklet and find the best custom parts and builds.

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08/ September

Air Bleeding Made Easy

The screw and tool that totally change the air-bleed process for 6.6L Duramax diesels.

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08/ June

Fixing the Dreaded GM “Pump Rub”

PPE Diesel’s fix for this nasty transfer case surprise.

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02/ June

Flow To Go!

Fighting heat and air restrictions with PPE's LLy mouthpiece on an '04.5 Chevrolet

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01/ May

Chevy 2500HD Allison Transmission Rebuild

PPE “Stage 6” Allison Transmission Build

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20/ February

The Howe & Howe Ripsaw EV3-F4

Originally designed and built for the military as a lightweight, go-fast super tank...

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12/ February

Hot Products

Diesel World cherry-picks PPE from SEMA Hot Products

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01/ February

2020 Pickup Truck of the Year

Special Thanks

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14/ November

Maximum 'Torc

Randy Weaver's 1,500-HP, 2,500 LB-FT 6.7L Cummins-Powered Cuda

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06/ November

The Ripsaw EV3 F4 at PPE's Booth

The Ripsaw EV3 F4 Stands Out, Even Among the Circus that is SEMA

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12/ August

Towing Products

From Engine Performance to Rubber Meeting the Road and Everything in Between

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15/ January

Big Red

PPE puts power in the Big Red Rebel Rig

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02/ November

The Total Package

927 HP 6.7-Swapped ’06 Ram

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22/ October

Under Pressure

The life and death of Rudolf Diesel

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06/ October

PPE Duramax Oil Pan, Allison Transmission Pan, and 14-Bolt Differential Cover Install

Follow along as we install PPE’s entire cast-aluminum pan catalog.

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