It’s no secret that when a manufacturer builds a vehicle, it’s actually nothing more than a series of compromises. Engineering wants one thing, but production demands another, legal something else, and finance just says no to it all. That’s how we as enthusiasts get the opportunity to upgrade parts. A quick and easy way to add performance and styling is by swapping out the fluid pans, which, in the case of our Silverado 2500HD, includes the oil pan, transmission pan, and rear differential cover. Pacific Performance Engineering, better known simply as PPE, offers a solution for all of these. Follow along as we install PPE’s entire cast-aluminum pan catalog.

Oil Pan
The factory oil pan leaves a lot to be desired. Its biggest fault lies in the stamped valley, which prevents nearly a quart of the engine’s dirtiest oil from being drained during oil changes. Fortunately, PPE’s high-capacity Duramax oil pan is the solution. Made in the USA from cast aluminum, the pan holds an extra quart of fluid, dissipates heat better, acts as a sound damper, and allows for the oil to be drained completely. The pan also removes restrictions around the oil pickup, which results in more consistent oil pressure and better lubrication. The pan accommodates both two- and four-wheel-drive vehicles and can be installed with the engine in the chassis.

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