It’s not often you run across a diesel-powered vehicle that’s unlike any other, yet that’s exactly the case with Weaver Customs’ ’70 Cuda. Nicknamed “Torc” (for obvious reasons), the 6.7L-powered Cummins Cuda is a unique blend of a high-end show car, a muscle car, and a diesel drivetrain swap. When looking over the car, there are no spots where we could find any body errors, turbo oiling or exhaust issues, or diesel clearance problems. Randy Weaver clearly thought this one out from the ground up when he debuted his newest creation.

Although its lines clearly define it as a Cuda, the amount of body modifications performed was staggering. Starting with a less-than-perfect donor car, Randy started by angling the windshield back about an inch and then dropping the roofline down about an inch and a half. The rear window was also flush-mounted, and custom front, side, and rear spoilers were added to give a clean and low look. Virtually everything on the car has been smoothed, and some items like side-view mirrors didn’t even make the cut. The hood is one of the most highly modified pieces and features twin radius for the larger turbo, as well as a full-length cowl induction scoop that runs past the cowl and all the way to the windshield.

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