SEMA is an insane showcase of unique and special vehicle builds from all over the world. This year, the throngs of industry attendees were treated to something extraspecial.

Originally designed and built for the military as a lightweight, go-fast super tank, Ripsaw proved to be the fastest dual-tracked vehicle ever developed. It has graced the covers of magazines such as Popular Science and won awards for invention of the year.

Since 2013, Howe and Howe Tech has spent thousands of man hours developing these beautiful yet rugged and refined consumer-based Ripsaw chassis for the high-end luxury market and extreme off-road enthusiast. From 22 inches of suspension travel, to luxurious interiors, and up to 1,500 horsepower, The Ripsaw platform is in league of its own when it comes to capability, speed, sheer adrenaline, and luxury.

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